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Online Gaming Entertainment Console Netiquette Rules

It is good Netiquette to accept the difference between online contacts and real friends. Don't talk to people like you talk to online gaming friends.


Playing console video games can be done with friends in reality at the same location. Many consoles have multiple ports for controllers and many console video games are designed to be multi-player. These games can be played in multi-player mode through the internet as well. A person you may be playing with online is just another user of the service. There is a vast difference in the method of communicating with other players through the internet rather than reality.

Internet Etiquette

The longer you know a cyber friend the more comfortable you are. Recognize that cyber friends are digital which is not real. Data is the only thing transmitted. This is an attitude for healthy game play, digital sportsmanship.

Being yourself online is a Core Rule. This rule recognizes that others do not act themselves when playing video games online. Taking that into account, slightly offensive or rude behavior should not stop you from having a good time.


Play nice with trolls because it is all digital, not real.

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