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Entertainment Console Netiquette Rules Conventions of Video Hubs

Console Netiquette Rules

Entertainment Console Video Netiquette Rules. The social rules followed when using computers designed for entertaining us with video. The theme of these conventions is to have fun within reason.

Entertainment consoles enable interactive content with many features. These computers began as video game players. They have evolved into video streaming devices. Since the features are new it can be easy to get carried away with them. Reasons for limitation apply.

The social code of playing video games with your friends online and in reality is Console Video Game Netiquette. The rules are social norms of good competition. Console video game set top boxes are fast becoming video entertainment hubs with Internet connections. Video is the eighth layer of Netiquette. These rules are a sub-category.


1. Rage Quit

Stay in the game. Do not quit playing when you are losing. More »

2. Play Fair

Play fair to encourage others to play with you. No one likes cheaters. More »

3. Online Gaming

Understand that playing online with cyber friends is different than playing with real friends. More »

4. Precaution

Take precautions when playing console games because accidents happen. More »

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