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Encrypt Data Computer Safety Netiquette Rules

It is good Netiquette to encrypt important data. Do password protect sensitive files.


Passwords are required for many software applications. Computers may have passwords set. They are generally turned off by default.

Passwords are encryption. In general, the more encryption data has the better it is. Computer folders can be encrypted, password protected.

Internet Etiquette

Most online applications require passwords. News and informational sites may not. The internet is a public domain. Computers connected to it are in the public domain. Encryption creates user privacy. Additional encryption, security measures, include password protecting important emails and using secure websites.

Security measures are good as long as your information is not compromised. This is true even if a particular measure is not one that prevents a particular attack because it may prevent an attack in the future. Security is something that can always be improved without a breach.


Encrypt computer data because the internet is insecure by default.

Audio Visual Video

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