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Computer Safety Netiquette Rules Guidelines for Hardware Protection

Computer Safety Netiquette Rules

Computer Safety Netiquette Rules. The common things we do to protect our computers from harm. The theme of these rules is prevention.

We can protect our desktop, mobile, and other devices by following prevention practices. Keeping them clean is part of protection. Dirt and clutter are hazardous. Hardware, software, and data need protection. They are all part of the computer.

These rules are how we protect our devices. The things we do socially to protect data and the hardware that contains it. Internet safety is the fifth layer of Netiquette. This is a sub-category.


1. Change Passwords

Change your password often to protect your network. A network is only as good as the user profiles. More »

2. Encrypt Data

Encrypt important data because the internet is insecure. More »

3. Clean Screen

Use a microfiber cloth to clean the screen periodically. More »

4. Clean The Keyboard

Use a cloth and or air to remove particles from the keyboard. More »

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Computer Safety Netiquette introduction. Keywords, graphics, and images.


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Computer Safety Guidelines

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This video is about internet security for computer safety. It contains rules for internet safety.


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