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College Netiquette The Culture of Computers in Higher Learning

College Netiquette

College Netiquette is the culture of digital communication in college. Learning on a higher level.

Many provide students email addresses. This provides an online identity based on the association. A higher learning level of netiquette.

These institutions are a self governing society for instruction and study. The email address provided is a refelectin of it.

An email address that ends in .edu denotes university attendance or affiliation. It identifies students in most cases. This is a right and responsibility. The communication represents the institution.


College netiquette rules have a lot of influences. Students, schools, and professors make them. Guidelines professor and schools have are the central.

Organizations and classes are another layer of customary contact. Personal customs and style are on the outer ranges of these conventions.

The social rules of schools and its organizations for online contact should be followed beyond the education. Additional customs create a personal style refined from the experience.


College is an educational institution of higher learning. Students must apply and be accepted after their primary education. Institutions grant degrees in specialized fields of study.

The word was originally used to describe construction schools where Masons learned their trades. Masons were taught to build Churches. They are institutions who do things for God.

The basis of Masonry is a belief in God. Masons take actions for God. The spread of the teachings to lower classes does not initiate them into the order. They come from a college degree.

People who claim the affiliation are not actually members. The Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution are the general rules. It is God's law.

A degree is the base level for Masonic acceptance. In construction, it comes from learning a trade. Apprenticeship is required. The customs of building are degrees.

This is the type of education colleges emulate. As a word it is included in many Masonic dictionaries.

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An introduction to College Netiquette. Keywords, graphics, and symbols.


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College Guidelines

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Schools, Colleges and Universities, use the internet for education and courses online. The internet is used widely in colleges and universities for various reasons. This video is about the rules of netiquette for university and college students. Netiquette is the social code of the internet.


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