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Too Good To Be True Classifieds Netiquette Rules

It is good Netiquette to accept that if a post looks to good to be true it probably is. Do know that good deals go fast.


Great deals in online classifieds usually turn out to be scams. Desperate people use the websites because they provide a quick means to get cash. Many people have fallen victim to crime as a result of an advertisement that was too good to be true. It was a fake post to lure victims.

Internet Etiquette

Good items go fast on online classified sites. When you see an item that is a good deal you have to move quick to acquire the merchandise. A great deal that is not immediately purchased probably is not a good deal. It is a scam or the post would have sold. High quality items are generally sold on auction websites because they sell for higher prices.


If it looks to good to be true it probably is because quality items sell in auctions and good deals go fast.

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