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Classifieds Netiquette Rules Conventions for Posting and Responding To Ads

Classifieds Netiquette Rules

Classified Advertising Netiquette Rules. They are tips for buying and selling with classifieds.

The code of social sales, consumer to consumer. Doing business online is the sixth layer of Netiquette. It is the Information Age. Classified advertising is a sub-category. Most Classifieds are consumer to consumer. Businesses have been known to use these sites as well. The rules are the practices good users follow.


1. Too Good To Be True

If it looks to good to be true (tgtbt) it probably is. Good items go fast. More »

2. Read Carefully

Read classified advertisements carefully. More »

3. Phone Number

Respond to ads with phone numbers. More »

4. Confirm

Confirm everything because terms may be different than you thought. More »

5. Verify Payment

Ask about payment on the telephone or through email prior to an arranged meeting. More »

6. Neutral location

Choose a neutral location for transactions. The sellers home or neighborhood are not neutral. More »

7. Inspect Cars

Inspect used cars. Ask for receipts from service. Verify it visually. More »

8. Include Pictures

Include pictures with every post to facilitate a smooth transaction. More »

9. No Checks

Be careful with accepting checks because there are many different check scams. More »

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