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Digital Citizenship Netiquette Rules Standards for Internet Etiquette

Digital Citizenship

The Internet is part of the daily lives of Digital Citizens. These rules help us communicate effectively with a certain level of access and consciousness.

1. Ethics

Ethical online actions are required based on the Golden Rule. More »

2. Core Rules

Follow the core rules of Netiquette. More »

3. Internet Access

Regular access to the Internet is required. More »

4. Email Address

An email adress for sending and receiving mail is necessary. More »

5. Social Media Account

A Social Media account with at least one contact validates an online image for inclusion. More »

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Digital Citizenship is an all inclusive concept for those with a certain level of access. The ethical component is a level of awareness. Conciousness versus being controlled subconciously. Netiquette rules establish the principle methods of communication and positive nature of engagement. Access and accounts are a minimum standard for participation.

Digital Citizen

Published on November 28 | 0:56 Seconds | Science and Technology

The Ten Core Rules of Netiquette are popular conventions based on keyword use at the time of creation. They are defined by our community of users. The most agreed upon Netiquette rules. Long tail keyword research was used to find the most popular customs using Google Adwords. This makes them popular concepts.

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