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Business Netiquette A Culture of Commercial Activity Online

Business Netiquette

Business Netiquette is the culture of making a living assisted by the internet. The the conventions of professionalism define the culture.

B2C, C2C, and B2B are acronyms for the type of business done on the internet. B stands for business. C stands for consumer. 2 denotes engagement.

The internet is used for sales. Who sells and how determines the market. Informatization is the transformation of all business to the internet.

Business is social. That is where it starts. Marketing is part of all engagement. It is a means to an end.

There are subcategories of business for popular markets. The list below identifies some of them.

  • Network
  • Ecommerce
  • Classifieds
  • Auctions
  • Marketing


Business netiquette rules are social code of earning a living. Processing transactions (e-commerce) on the internet is the core activity.

There are many elements of internet business far removed from transaction processing. Transactions processed can be administrative, ideas, and acceptance to earn a living.

Our profession is what we do to earn a living. This precludes a lot of C2C sales because it does not provide a living. It provides supplemental income.

This does not mean that someone who earns supplemental income is not professional. It means that we cannot expect them to be. Return policies are a good example.

It is common practice to allow returns to dissatisfied customers for any reason. Some cannot afford to accept returns without a valid reason.

General conventions still apply to all online transactions. Corporations and other businesses have more resources to serve customers in a different way.

They are more professional because they have more access to capital. This is changing. Costs are coming down. Crowdfunding provides more access to capital.


Business is the economic system humans use to exchange goods and services. Exchanges are typically recorded for accounting purposes.

It is a transaction for a good or service where things of value are exchanged. Legal tender is the currency. Trade and barter exist within it.

Society is transaction based because business is how we deliver goods to each other. It is based on transactions. The world economic system functions when transactions are processed.

This includes all actions that support transactions. Online actions are included as well. Banking is the core process. Looking for a job is far removed.

Internet sales are driven by social recommendations rather than traditional factors. Customer service is essential. Location is a determinant.

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