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Paragraphs Blog Netiquette Rules

It is proper Netiquette to use small paragraphs. Don't write long sentences.


When I see a big paragraph online I cringe. It feels like a chore to read large paragraphs. The internet is supposed to be fun and easy to read. It’s not supposed to be a textbook that you have to struggle to understand.

Internet Etiquette

Paragraphs should be three to seven sentences in blog posts because the format of a blog does include a wide arrangement of text. Given that there is a short arrangement of text, large paragraphs discourage readers from reading a blog because it appears to be complex reading. Blogs should contain small paragraphs fore readability reasons that are rooted in formatting.

This is a general guideline. Please do not be discouraged from writing because of format issues. Paragraphs I like, have an opening sentence, thesis (what it’s about), and closing sentence. This is just a start. Any style is up to you.


Use small paragraphs to keep the attention of the audience.

Audio Visual Video

Published on May 16, 2015 | 0:26 Seconds | Science and Technology

An introduction to Blog Netiquette. Keywords, graphics, and symbols.


David Chiles

Blog Guidelines

Published on October 24, 2012 | 1:44 Minutes | Science and Technology

Takako Tweet takes on a vicious troll for control of the Social Media Domain. They use the core rules of blog netiquette in an epic battle between Like and Nice.


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