Good rules. Proper engagement tools.

Vivian Video Biography


Vivian Video is very photogenic. She likes to flaunt he long blonde hair. Her hair, voluptuous curves, and sweet voice cast her well among friends. The character was created by David Chiles.

Video as an art form is a motion picture medium of communication. The images, motion pictures, may be transmitted easily through the Internet. It is a digital transmission medium.

Digital is discrete. Analog uses wave lengths. It broadcasts within a range. Computers render discrete data. Watching motion pictures on a computer is done with discrete data. MP4 is the most common internet format. It can be viewed with the Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer web browsers.

She is coming of age. This woman is becoming professional. Streaming services are beginning to pay off. She benefits from this directly because everyone is taught to follow her rules. Everyone could use a little Netiquette.

The character is just getting her start in the cyber world. Until now no one has had enough bandwidth to truly appreciate her. Slowly but surely the content is gaining ground on all the text out there. The character hopes to have more roles in more content, very ambitious. There are more roles in her future for Netiquette TV.