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Ted Tweet Biography


Ted Tweet is moving pretty fast. He says what he needs to say in 140 character or less and is on to the next thought. The character was created by David Chiles.

A tweet is a micro blog post on Twitter. Twitter is a micro blog social network. Tweets are posts. They may include links, hashtags, and handles. Links are hyper links. Hashtags are group identifiers. Handles are account identifiers.

There is a strict character limit for posts on Twitter. Tweets must be 140 characters or less. Hyperlinks take up a designated amount of characters. Long URL’s are shortened.

There is a lot of action in his life. He is a citizen journalist who makes news happen. He does not just report the news. He is part of it.

His political activism is the inspiration for his broadcasting. He is out to make a difference in the lives of good people by showing them ways to help. Eco-friendly activism is one of his favorite topics. He loves to post about it on Twitter.

Audio Visual Video

Published on August 10, 2015 | 1:14 Minutes | Science and Technology

This is a Nerdcore Rap about Netiquette, SocMed the Social Media Rapper is the artist, David Chiles. It is the YouTube channel trailer.

Articles & Rules

Published on February 6, 2015 | 0:48 Minutes | Science and Technology

Netiquette is the proper social convention of network communication according to community standards because the rules are social. Netiquette Articles are short explanations of terms, words, and acronyms. Book descriptions are articles. The rules of Netiquette.