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Nathan Newbie Biography


Nathan Newbie is a likable guy. He is someone we can all relate to because we have been new to something before. You have to start somewhere. The character was created by David Chiles.

A Newbie is a social title for someone that is new to something. The term is often applied to new users in a domain. It is not a flame.

The label can be used for understanding. Many new users ask questions that are answered in Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) pages. This may earn the label Newbie. Users understand because many other people have the same question.

He is a quiet shy type. He knows to lurk before he leaps on the internet. Mr. Newbie does what he is told, which is great Netiquette.

New is a descriptive word, adjective, often used with exciting. Mr. Newbie has a new career as a beta tester. This gives him a lot of opportunity for roles in Netiquette TV productions because a lot of the Internet is new and exciting. Entrepreneurs are creating new product and making old ones exciting.