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Nancy Netiquette Biography


Nancy Netiquette is a lot of things. She represents this site. Her character represents a book series. Conceptually she is an Information Age woman. Practically, her role is in informatization. She is a character created by David Chiles.

Nancy Netiquette is not black or white for a couple of reasons. The rules are not 'black and white'. They are a mix of social and technical conventions for everyone. Thus, she is Hispanic, but could be Middle Eastern or Asian. Her skin is olive colored or brown. This makes her part of the majority of people in the world. Similar to the conventions, which are popular.

She is the star of David Chiles animations. Chiles’ philosophy is in her name. The character plays many roles in many forms. Network etiquette plays many roles in the many forms of Internet communication. This character sets the standard.

She is a great woman. Her demeanor is always appropriate. She has the right answer, even when she is wrong. This is highlighted in an animation about the first core rule. The ‘right’ way to do things is not always clear. Sometimes people mean well when they do things that are not appropriate overall.

In a small group things can be harmless. The Internet is public, which makes things between small groups unacceptable. The Spell Check and Proof Read video is an example of how she can be right among her friends and wrong overall. A lot people know what it is like to be in a relationship with a Woman who is right even when she is wrong.

This epitomizes the beauty this character holds. No one is bothered by the things she does. They are great. Her own social compass allows her to recognize room for improvement. She raises the bar whenever she reaches a new level of awareness. New levels of awareness are similar to learning new Yoga poses that make you feel more relaxed and present in society. They make her feel more acceptance online.