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Audio Network Netiquette Rules Culture of Recording Networks

Audio Netiquette Rules

Audio Network Netiquette Rules are the culture of recording networks. Conventions center around engagement with recordings. Contacts are fans in the social media and traditional sense of the word. Conventional wisdom, etiquette rules, attracts friends, fans, and followers for all participants.

Uploading recordings to the domain is one way to engage. Listening to them is the most common. Connecting with listeners is the purpose. The value of the connection is determined by quality of content. This can be measured by views. Adding accounts to the various categories of contacts is another.


1. Good Music

Share good music. Do not share anything you do not listen to yourself. More »

2. Reshare

Share links, videos, pictures, and stories you think that others will share again with their networks. More »

3. Events

Attend events promoted by your favorite musicians. More »

4. Find Yourself

Connect with others who share your musical interests. More »

5. No Criticism

Post positive messages and advice only. Don't post critical comments. More »

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