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Negative Feedback Auction Netiquette Rules

It is good Netiquette to stay away from negative feedback. Do know that you may experience the same problems as others.


Sellers with bad feedback have had problems with buyers. Bidding on items from sellers with bad feedback could reasonably lead to a problems with the transaction. The seller has had a problem before.

Depending on the circumstances, bad feedback means that a good customer reached a last resort with a seller. As a caveat some people leave bad feedback for their competition. A little research may be necessary for bad feedback.

Internet Etiquette

Many people do not leave negative feedback unless there is a serious problem. Often times a buyer will try and work out a problem with a seller before leaving bad feedback. There are many other options than leaving back feedback or a transaction. It is a last resort.


Avoid bidding on items from sellers with bad feedback because there is a higher risk of problems.

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