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Auction Netiquette Rules Guidelines for Bidding and Selling Items

Auction Netiquette Rules

Auction Netiquette Rules. The rules are common conventions people follow in buying and selling items to the highest bidder. An online auction is form ecommerce, shopping. Sales are made online. They are a good place for fair deals. Fairness is the theme of these conventions for this ecommerce process.

The cultural rules of online auctions are Netiquette rules. Doing business online is the sixth layer of Netiquette. It is the Information Age as well. These rules are a sub-category. How to score a winning bid with class and confidence. Confidence comes from the fact that the rules work and people follow them.


1. Provide Proof

Proof of items is information that can be verified. More »

2. Research Users

Research the buyer or seller, so you know what to expect. More »

3. Leave Feedback

Leave feedback for all auctions that you win. More »

4. Maximum Bid

Set a maximum bid and do not go above it for an efficient market. More »

5. Negative Feedback

Stay away from negative feedback. More »

6. Fast Shipping

Ship items immediately. More »

7. Honest Descriptions

Describe items honestly for good credibility and feedback. More »

8. Item Pictures

Post a lot of pictures for increased sales and better feedback. More »

9. Save Information

Keep good records in case there is a dispute. Emails, pictures, and descriptions help settle disputes. More »

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