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Social Networking App Netiquette Rules

It is good Netiquette to take time to learn your social networking apps. Do know how to use your social networks.


Social network mobile apps have different user interfaces, navigation capabilities, and features than desktop browser versions of the sites. In general mobile apps have less functionality than desktop browser versions. Some applications based social networks provide less functionality through desktop browsers by design. It depends.

Internet Etiquette

Social network mobile apps provide less functionality because mobile devices have less processor power and slower internet speeds than personal computers. As a result, the user interface and navigation are different as well.

It can take some getting used to when social networking through a mobile app. The User Interface is different (UI). Activities that were routine on the desktop version may need to be relearned and practiced before they become routine again.

These apps have been known to drain the battery. This makes navigation and use important. Navigating slow and fumbling around may cause your device to die.


Learn how to use social networks efficiently because they are known for draining the battery.

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