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Browse App Netiquette Rules

It is good Netiquette to browse apps before you buy. Do research before making a download.


Shopping is making a purchase. Comparison shopping compares the prices of similar items. Window shopping is looking at items you like, but do not plan to buy. Browsing is the highest level of shopping. It includes comparison and window shopping. A person browsing items will buy if the price is right and the product is an exact fit.

Internet Etiquette

Browsing Apps requires you to look for the features and benefits you like in a mobile app and be willing to refrain from making a purchase if something is not right. It could be the privacy policy or that another app offers better service, anything. Browsing apps is done by discerning customers who buy apps they use.

Browsing is something a seasoned shopper does. It is how to find a good deal.


Browse before you buy because good apps are hard to find.

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