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Reasonable Purchases App Netiquette Rules

It is good Netiquette to purchase apps reasonably. Don't buy expensive apps.


An App is a mobile software application that can be installed on a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. Most are free and many are paid. The price range varies from a few cents to a few hundred dollars depending on the App.

Internet Etiquette

$0.99 is the price point that is the most reasonable for consumers and developers because it is too expensive to develop and market good apps independently that are given away for free. It is reasonable to pay more than $0.99 for an app that helps you professionally because it helps you earn a living. In some cases specialty apps that cost more $0.99 are the only ones available.

Apps are an unnecessary tool that users, 'can't live without'. The previous statement is an oxymoron because you can live without mobile apps if they are unnecessary. Users just feel like they, 'can't live without them'.


Don't over pay for apps because so many are free.

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