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Apps Netiquette The Culture of Programs We Use

App Netiquette

The Information Age is an economy of Apps. The basis our lives is shifting from industry to information.

We have enough industries. Information will tell us how to apply our industriousness with software. Everything we do is becoming netiquette for apps.

App Netiquette is the social code of using software applications installed on a device. Devices are computers. Mobile computers are the most popular.

All electronics are becoming computers capable of running apps. They require an Operating System (OS). Most use the Internet.


There are a lot of app netiquette rules for various activities and types. Devices can be taken into almost any social setting, which makes for a lot of rules.

The conventions center around appropriate use, popular techniques, and sharing. It is not appropriate to use them in all situations.

Techniques and tactics for use have their own conventions based on popularity. General guidelines facilitate app usage as well as social constraints.


An app is a software program installed on a device. Manufacturers and third party developers make them for devices. An OS is required.

Some are preinstalled, others are free, and many must be purchased. Manufacturers provide preinstalled apps with devices. Third party apps are developed and sold or given away in app stores.

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