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Antivirus Netiquette Rules Techniques for Virus Protection

Antivirus Netiquette Rules

Antivirus Netiquette Rules. Rules are common practices of using the antivirus software.

This is the social code of using software to protect computers from viruses and other malware or data theft. Internet safety is the fifth layer of Netiquette. This software is a sub-category of it. Common practices or protecting computers with software.


1. Confirm Attachments

It is good internet etiquette to confirm the contents of attachments prior to opening them. More »

2. Automatic Backup

Back up data because protection is not full proof. More »

3. Internet Account

Create an alternate computer sign on user name account for high risk online activities. More »

4. Research Software

Research software before installation because many companies include multiple programs in software packages. More »

5. Multiple Programs

Use multiple protection software programs for various tasks to prevent infection. More »

6. Scan Everything

Scan everything to remove viruses. More »

7. Disable Previews

Disable the email preview pane because the preview pane opens emails from unknown senders. More »

8. Open In Plain Text

Open emails in plain text to prevent viruses. More »

9. Schedule Scans

Scan regularly to prevent viruses because they can attack at any time. Follow or set a schedule. More »

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Antivirus Software Netiquette introduction. Keywords, graphics, and images.


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Antivirus Software Guidelines

Published on October 7, 2012 | 2:04 Minutes | Science and Technology

The anti virus protection available for browsing the internet is provided by internet security measures that users take. Virus protection through software is necessary to keep your computer virus free. There are free antivirus software programs. Panda and Norton are premium anti virus programs. Download free antivirus or premium programs for proper anti virus netiquette. The rules of netiquette for anti-virus are the netiquette rules for its use. This video is about how to use antivirus software.


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