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Internet Acronyms Computer Networking and Social Abbreviations

Glossary of Terms

Acronyms are high level culture because terms they represent are societies that have come together as one. Using an acronym includes the user in the classes. There are acronyms and the words they represent.

They are symbols, numbers and letters, arranged to represent larger words, separate words, and concepts. Words represented by their initial letter to make terms related to the internet and technology organizations.

Abbreviations represent social membership. Technology related acronym use is acceptance in the Internet class to all that understand. Netiquette Acronyms describe the internet and its organizations.


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Audio Visual Video

Published on October 25, 2014 | 0:29 Minutes | Science and Technology

An audio visual description of the Internet Dictionary.


David Chiles

Cyber Words

Published on # | 0:00 Minutes | Science and Technology

Cyber words by David Chiles. This video contains the definition of cyber words. Additionally, it can be used to show the effects words have on regulating behavior with additional explanation and guidance. Words will regulate the internet, not guns.


Isabella Internet

Thomas Troll

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