The rules of good behavior online. Everyone could use a little Netiquette. School rules and communication tools.

About Netiquette


The concept comes from a speech given by me, David Chiles. Pop cult rules for good web stuff. The word is a joke in a Time magazine from 1982.


My speeches included many aspects of computer use. A set of conventional wisdom is the concept. Developed in role play cult at conservative companies clubs.


God Clan. See, I'm an American citizen. South Korea was plotting to take over the world.

'Fo realz'. A real problem solution model exists. An intricate informatization plan was developed in 1998.

Graduated from a seminary cult college in '98. Made my own plan in 2002 at Odegard Library on UW campus. Walking in had an epiphany. Out had a panic attack in Red Square.

'on the hood', I was bread to go there. Dad was a sperm donor from the graduate school. Conspired with Dr. Polly to have me born on a certain date.
Didn't know wtf they were doing, ya know like Jesus said. So, Jesus was a person. Wisemen plotted his birth.
I ain't retarded though, so I brought my ass back home after I was evicted from my apartment on lies by members of the ABA. ABA has to be killed according to our law for all the lies, hanged.
Like how Jews are not accepted by Aryans for what was done to Jesus. Happened again, worse, and again. I'm telling in a lawsuit, probably August 2018. Were Iranian, everyone but Blacks. USA is formed on our law, Bill of Rights, God's Law.


South Korea developed a book series in 2006 for 2007. Internally, I knew and was thinking, what could I do, so I made this site. We got a couple of things going on here if we look at history.

A real problem. Religious, technically. Information about proper Netiquette is all over the place:

  • Blogs and Articles
  • Education
  • Experience


  • Popular techniques vary by community. Websites have different standards. Countries have different standards. There are no principles.
  • Influencers set trends. Practice is different than popularity. Our influencers can be negative sometimes.
  • Technology changes fast. Whenever a new website feature comes out, new conventions are formed.


A website and book series. South Korea proved Netiquette Books transform an economy. Samsung became the world's largest electronics corporation a year after books were taught in school.

  • Proven Techniques
  • Popular Positive Reinforcement
  • Accepted and Engaged


To provide positive communication techniques that build good communities where people prosper. Happiness, help, and personal growth.


I envision a peaceful world that works together efficiently with freedom and equality through effective communication.


  • Hard Work
  • Self-Confidence
  • Positive Thinking



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