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Articles of Netiquette provide short explanations of computer science and humanity principles. The Netiquette Dictionary defines computer related words. Acronyms are computer terms and chat abbreviations. Netiquette Books have articles and there is a page with background information about the genre.

Netiquette becomes incorporated into our culture through articles. They are the principle agreements. Basic Netiquette is an article of incorporation. A user has to have a mobile device to engage a mobile site in principle. It takes understanding to communicate this fact. Articles establish the facts of the Internet.

It is a fact that the articles section of this website is a mobile website because 'Mobile First' is proper Netiquette. It is the agreed upon convention according to industry Best Practices.

Netiquette Rules


Rules are conventions that people use to work together. A convention is a coming together as a thing, place, and entity. It is a noun. People convene as an action. It is a verb. Agreements at a convention where people meet are rules, conventions.

David Chiles applied Robert's Rules to internet research in order to create Netiquette rules. Roberts Rules come from the Baptist tradition. They require at least one other person to agree with an action at a convention. Society is built on scaffolding of Masonic rules. Actions for God.

This fits within the definition of society Chiles was taught in Humanities. Masonic symbols, conventions for building Churches, were first taught to him by the Christian Brotherhood in Fine Arts. He planned to rule the internet as an Usher in his hometown Church run by the Society of Jesus while convening weekly at Toastmasters who follow Roberts Rules.

Netiquette Newsletter


The Netiquette Newsletter is technology news and Netiquette opinion for a private subscriber list. It backs the site theoretically. There is a 'Mobile First' mantra for, responsive or fast loading (see comments) smartphone and tablet optimized layout. An educational theme for the desktop version exists. Each page is packed with information.

This website consists of Mobile News Articles in the category of internet communication about the topic of proper behavior. It is the code good people use to communicate based on Natural Law. Natural law is societal agreement within a community. A way of life and its rituals, culture.

Natural law is the Golden Rule. Society formed naturally. Persian Royalty was the first to write it. We created it. Jesus of the House of David was a member. David Chiles is a direct descendant.

Netiquette Books

Netiquette Books

Netiquette Books by David Paul Chiles Publishing reinforce ethics and community service as principle values based on the Golden Rule while teaching fundamental computer science lessons. Books are available in English, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and other languages.

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Netiquette Dictionary

The Definition is the rule. Netiquette: Noun: 1. The social code of network communication. 2. The social and moral code of the internet based on the human condition and Golden Rule of Netiquette. 3. A philosophy of effective internet communication that utilizes common conventions and norms as a guide for rules and standards. David Chiles
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Netiquette Rules

Netiquette rules are the guidelines good people follow because David Chiles made them from the popular communication conventions of good people.

Netiquette News

Netiquette News

Netiquette News is cultural development. New developments in internet culture the focus of the articles. The Newsletter mailing list develops Netiquette with stories. This site is moving beyond educational use becoming entertaining as part of David Chiles' Portfolio.

David Chiles

Information Age

David Chiles uses words. He makes them up. Mr. Chiles is known for using big words appropriately with everyone in all circumstances. The decision to create Netiquette was to usher in the Information Age. He has given the word of the day many times at speaking club meetings. The core rules came from a speech he gave in 2006 in Newport Beach, CA.