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Netiquette is a collection of communication conventions for electronics. The desktop version is the largest collection and most widely taught set of Netiquette rules. Netiquettes, sub-categories, are grouped collections of Netiquette rules. The mobile site contains the core conventions and Netiquettes in a site designed for smartphones and tablets.

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The Netiquette Dictionary has computer related words. New words, traditional words in a computer context, and acronyms are included. New words are portmanteau's, unique spellings, and other creations. The words are defined and placed according to their use and alphabetic order. The Netiquette Words video game is provided to reinforce the principle words.

Netiquette Newsletter


The Netiquette Newsletter provides exclusive content you can share with your friends. It is technology news and Netiquette opinion for a private subscriber list. The online community is established by the Golden Rule. Agreement and participation is membership. The Newsletter has announcements and articles about it.

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Netiquette Book Series

The Netiquette Book Series teaches appropriate communication conventions for electronics. Netiquette is the social code of the internet. The book series builds on the economic prosperity Netiquette has played in South Korea and China's informatization plans.

By definition, South Korea was the first to reach the Information Age. They implemented a national informatization plan with a Netiquette book series as a component in 2007, shortly after Netiquette was codified. Samsung immediately became the world's largest electronics manufacturer.

This Netiquette Book Series is for everyone. It is the social standard for the internet because eveyone uses this site. The dropup button below has stores with books and related social media webpages.

Internet Etiquette

Internet Etiquette Netiquette

Internet Etiquette: Netiquette Fundamentals, Rules, & Optimization lays the ground work for a great internet experience. There are optimization techniques whose explanations give the reader a new understanding of how computers work together with us. The book contains a clear explanation of the internet. It tells you how it fits into informatization while introducing the concept to the mainstream for the first time. The core rules and other Internet Etiqeutte Netiquettes are included, Netiquette 1.0. The background information puts you ahead of the curve.

Simply put, this book gives you the confidence of knowing right from wrong in internet interaction. The rules teach you how most people use the internet. They are popular, which makes them defined by the community. It is a book the author sought out an Ivy League education in response to criticism in order to write effectively.

David Chiles has taken classes by professors from two Ivy League schools and has a bachelors degree from a small private college more exclusive than any other. A college founded to train men for the ministry. Brother, Dr. Martin Luther King Class of 1948 is the most famous graduate and former residence of the same dorm.

Principles of Netiquette

Principles of Netiquette Order

The Principles of Netiquette by David Chiles was written to introduce the internet to everyone. It is explained in a social context. Netiquette, the social code of the internet, is inclusive of everyone with the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule was created by David’s family on his Mothers side, Persian Royalty. The book is understandable because it uses small words, short sentences, and traditional introduction, body, and conclusion for every chapter.

Apps: Everything You Need To Know

Apps: Everything You Need To Know

Apps make Netiquette possible because the internet is an App, without Apps it does not exist. Apps: Everything You Need To Know is the first book in the Informatization Book Series that provides a foundational element of the Principles of Netiquette. The software types and categories from Apps are included in the Appendix of The Principles of Netiquette.


Internet Users Guide: Safe & Successful Surfing

Internet Users Guide is a short book with principle Netiquette strategies. It is a guide for popular online activities including: Facebook, Twitter, Mobile, Email, and Online Shopping. The social media strategies are included in The Principles of Netiquette. They are traditional marketing concepts and technical knowledge socially applied to the internet.


Informatization App Stores

Netiquette is something created by David Chiles. Informatization is a word that has been around since the early 1970’s used to describe the transformation process from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. has been used as a component of national informatization plans by South Korea and China. is a world plan for everyone based on the Chinese plan that appears to be working. South Korea was first. China is controling.

Chiles got the idea in the elevator on the way up to a conference. Immediately a beautiful woman invited him up. Upon the initial discovery of the word informatization and the use of his site by China and South Korea, he thought about a world informatization plan. This plan fit within governmental boundaries because a former female Scotish Police Officer suggested that Community may be more appropriate than God as a basis for Netiquette rules. When he was turned away from the meetup upstairs after being told again to go up there, he decided to build an e-commerce model with, partly to get a job, but mostly for Los Angeles. He thinks his brother works in the building or something.

He was in Los Angeles City Hall. Informatization Books are easy to read technical manuals for everyone that fit into government plans. The App Store provides the most useful apps to take you to the Information Age. The e-commerce model is to get a job.