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Netiquette Dictionary


Articles of Netiquette provide short explanations of computer principles. The Netiquette Dictionary defines computer related words. The Acronyms are computer terms.

Netiquette Rules


There is a 'Mobile First' mantra for and an educational theme for the desktop version. Mobile First means feature rich responsive layouts.

Netiquette Newsletter


The Netiquette Newsletter is technology news and Netiquette opinion for a private subscriber list. It has news stories, announcements, and promotions for the online community.


Netiquette Books

Netiquette Books

Netiquette Books by David Paul Chiles Publishing reinforce ethics and community service as principle values based on the Golden Rule while teaching fundamental computer science lessons.

Netiquette Dictionary Definition

The Definition is the rule. Netiquette: Noun: 1. The social code of network communication. 2. The social and moral code of the internet based on the human condition and Golden Rule of Netiquette. 3. A philosophy of effective internet communication that utilizes common conventions and norms as a guide for rules and standards.


Netiquette rules are the rules good people follow because David Chiles made them from the popular communication conventions of good people.

Netiquette News

Online Community News

News for Netiquette is simply further development. The Newsletter mailing list is the group of good people that Netiquette is being developed with. Netiquette is moving beyond educational use. It is now part of David Chiles' professional portfolio. David Paul Chiles Publishing

David Chiles

Netiquette History

David Chiles uses words. He makes them up. Mr. Chiles is known for using big words appropriately with everyone in all circumstances. He has given the word of the day many times at speaking club meetings. The core rules of Netiquette came from a speech he gave in 2006 in Newport Beach, CA. Many of the concepts are rules that were developed in speeches before that in Seattle, WA. He is a Church Geek who has played many different roles.